Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Why doesn’t anyone talk about the 20’s? Not the 1920’s, but the period in one’s life between 20 and 30. I graduated college then immediately dove into what is considered to be, the "real world". I have a million and one questions that have not been answered yet. The real world is different; college is not the real world. There are relationships, jobs, careers, money, and outrageous responsibilities. People have said that this is the time of my life, which it is, but no one ever really talked to me about the other stuff I would have to go through. This is my first blog, I do not have all the answers, hell, I probably have more questions then I do answers. During the hardest times of my life, I simply wrote. It’s all I looked forward to sometimes. I’ve been writing my whole life but, this particular story began on March 28, 2008. My mother was a heroin addict, my father was by my side, my boyfriend of 4 years left me for another woman, and I felt like I was going to die. This story will take you on a journey through my failures, and my successes. My roller coaster of a life is exposed and I am relieved to be sharing it with you. Mind you I am currently only 26, I have not peaked, or become the amazing person I picture myself to be, but, this is how I survived, and plan to survive, a majority of my twenties.

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